Custom Highlight – Thadius the Soul Collector

Thadius - the Soul Collector

This weeks rather gruesome Custom Highlight is called Thadius the Soul Collector and is by Stikcustomizer Shiningmonk_E for Droidbuilders Stikfas custom contest over on Stikfanatics. To view more pictures of this custom, and to vote on it on please click here.


Lost on the Net – The Stikfas Interview

New StikThis Lost on the Net interview was uncovered using the giant search engine power of, and its a really cool interview with Stikfas GM BH by, that was given back in July 2003, to read it in full please click here.


Stikfun – Hebe Design Stikfas

Hebedesign Stikfas

Todays Stikfun was found on the internet using the search power of Its a collection of cool Flickr Stikfas images by a photographer called Hebedesign and you can check them out by clicking here.


News Exclusive – Fight-DiceTM Development

Fight-DiceTM Fight Logo

Fight-DiceTM Web PageWe have some exclusive news about the Fight-DiceTM The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game that allows you to fight a pitched duel against any action figure. This Monday the Fight-DiceTM crew are meeting with popular game publisher Endless Games, and will be presenting a full demo of the game, and discussing the concept, and possible development of Fight-DiceTM with them.

As we know Fight-DiceTM is an open ended fully customizable dueling game that is also perfect fit with Stikfas Action Figure Kits. We think this is a pretty cool development, and we ask you keep your fingers crossed for the Fight-DiceTM crew and they have some success with this fun game.


Stikfas Reviews – The Knight & The Dragons

Review Knight

Continuing our once a week installment of Stikfas kit reviews, Meadeslemicah brings us his thoughts about two of the mainstays of the Stikfas range. The Stikfas Knight on Stallion and Beta Female Warrior with Dragon. Take it away Meadeslemicah after the jump…

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Happy Thanksgiving from Stikfans

Turkey StikfasHappy Thanksgiving from the Stikfans Crew Nick & Jean

We at Stikfans want to wish you all a safe, and fun filled holiday, if you are not celebrating this North American centric holiday we want wish you all a safe, prosperous and enjoyable week ending. Thank you all for visiting Stikfans and see you around the net 🙂

Custom Stikfas Bird is by Stik Customizer Phil Ashby, to check out this custom in detail and to vote on its entry, please click here.


Custom Highlight – Cube Boy

Cuboyd Hellboy

We are going in a slightly different direction with this weeks Custom Highlight, everything is going a little square with Stik Customizer Larry Greyzik’s Cube Boy Custom. To check out this custom in full, and to vote on its entry please click here.


Fansites – Stikfas War Stikfas War

This interesting and we hope growing fansite was uncovered by the using the search engine, its a fairly new blog from Feng Wai as he ventures into the world of Stikfas. To check out Stikfas War or I Swear By Lubricant please click here.


Stikfas Reviews – Ninjas, MBears & the Classic Alpha Military

Ninja Duel

Continuing our ongoing series of reviews by Stikfas Meadeslemicah, this week he gives us his thoughts on the Stikfas Ninja Duel set and the ever-green MBear Clover.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share with Meadeslemicah on his reviews please register on Stikfans today and leave a comment. The more feedback we get about articles and features on Stikfans, the more ideas we get to bring you the Stikfas stuff you want to read. The reviews continue after the jump.

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Stikfans News – 11/15/2008

Repair IconOn Friday suffered an SQL error to its members/admin database. This made it impossible for any member/admins to log in to post any Stik related reports, news or features. The error has now been resolved and normal updates will resume shortly.


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