Preview – Evangelion Stikfas Kit Built!


How about this for a preview? A complete build of the Evangelion Stikfas Figure! These pictures are brought to you via the Photobucket of Munki-Boi, the second place runner up in the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 Competition. Thankfully he is just about mad enough to actually build one from the first test sprue run! Check out the scale picture after the jump.


This second picture (and side view) was taken next to a G2 Alpha Male. As you can tell the main body of the Evangelion Stikfas is based off a G2 Sigma Male. Looks like new head type shoulders, and knees? have been added. Plus the addition of arm blades and a plug-in chest piece?

In all looks really good, and I hope we get to see the real kits fairly soon. Thank you Munki for publishing the pictures, and for being crazy enough to build one 🙂

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