Rumor Mill – 04/09/2008

EvangelionWelcome to a new feature here on called the Rumor Mill, its where we put our ear down on Stikfas and see what little whispers we can pick up. I’m not saying that any of the information presented here is accurate, but all rumors do have a grain of truth in them. If you have any rumors, thoughts, or have a question you think can be answered in the Rumor Mill post a comment, or email

Its been a bit of dry spell since the release of the last Blister Lite Packs and the Musketeer. I think we are due for some news on some new kits soon, traditionally Stikfas has a summer release and from what I’ve heard this may have some new kits. The scuttlebutt says an Assassin themed set, and another Samurai style kit. This still leaves us clueless for the fall release, which could be Dome Walker2.0 or the much mentioned in passing Stikfas Exo-Armor set. Still no Space Cowboys riding over the horizon…. Well, not yet anyway.
The long awaited Evangelion Stikfas are still sitting out there, test squeezes of the molds have been made and the hold up could be any number of reasons. From final approval from whomever owns Evangelion this week, to production problems. I’m still waiting to see an actually figure yet. Now apparently some of the prizes in the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 were a couple of Evangelion test frames, so our best chance of seeing a completed figure is to wait until whomever won this prize builds it and shows it off. At this moment I would hold back your Pre-Order money, and wait until the online stores start showing the kits.

Now for some one liners.

Do you like the Mechana in yellow? Surely its one of those Stikfas kits that needs to redeco soon, perhaps in Black?

Cuboyds are really neat, but would they do better being blind packed?

Who would ride a Green Dragon?

And What are Devil Robots?

Thats all for this session of the Rumor Mill, until next time… Cheerio 🙂

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