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Welcome to the first Stikfans.com Editorial, this is going to be a regular feature here on Stikfans.com, and will be my place to openly discuss my thoughts about Stikfas, the community, what’s the next step, and other Stikfas related stuff. I guess you can call it my soap box. Its a right that all Editors of publications reserve, and now its my time to poke around with a sharp-stik.

This weeks editorial we take a little look at the Stikfas Community, not the community at large I will cover that in the future, but at a small, but very important part of it. The Newbie.

Every hobby has them, they are an important life-blood that keeps the hobby/genre fresh. They are the ones that pick-up Stikfas for the first time and then take the next step to find out more about them. Back in the day this used to involve hanging around your local hobby store, or sharing with your friends and slowly building up a network of true believers. Now, thanks to the incredible edible internet we can connect with people all over the world. Unlike any other toy, Stikfas can thank the internet for its success as a toy.

This is what makes the Newbie precious to every hobby. He has taken the time to take a step beyond the packaging and learn more about the figure he has in his hands. The Newbie brings new life into the hobby, continues it as the old guard drop out, the Newbie is the one that will carry the torch forward.

Being a Newbie can be perilous, you have all the enthusiasm for your new toy and want to share it with this group of like-minded people, only to be met with indifference, or worse condemnation. You may laugh, but I’ve been in hobby communities that are like that and there are not nice places to be. In ways this can be seen as a right of passage for the Newbie and is accepted practice. But, I feel this is very bad place for any hobby to enter.

When I first stumbled upon Stikfas it was a less unconventional approach, initial it was just another product to put in my online store http://www.lncollections.com. Until I started to build the Stikfas kits for displays, the clever little kits appealed to the gaming hobbyist in me and before I knew it I found myself been drawn into the Stikfas hobby. At this time Zook invited me to join Stikfanatics.com, and with a little trepidation I did expecting the Newbie hazing to begin. What I found was the Stikfanatics community was completely different, I was accepted with open arms by many, and even though I think I annoyed a couple of the old guard, it was largely a very pleasant experience.

I made the Newbie mistakes about Stikfa pronouncement, asked advice about customizing, and posted customs to Paintstik.com. My mistakes, and advice questions were met with knowledge, explanations, and what I can only describe as a sort of warm fuzziness. I became a fully fledged Stikfan, and I didn’t hesitate to once recommend Stikfanatics to any new Stikfas fan I came across.

For a hobby, and the closed nature of it primary community, Stikfas in general is very kind to the Newbie 🙂

Then I discovered this… Rex Gamicks Paintstik Gallery

Obvious Stikfas Newbie, who had got some Stikfas found Paintstik.com and wanted to share his custom ideas. Sadly a little misguided as Newbies are a want to do. He didn’t own any modeling materials and used silly putty for his custom work. And to be honest a couple of his customs showed promise, all he needed was a little advice and direction, then we would have another Stikfan added to the ranks, simple right? This is what happened instead…


Now I do get it, hazing, mickey taking, taking the piss, extracting the Michael etc… Are a part of every aspect of online communities, but there is a fine line between it being humorous, and then being humorless, to it being outright cruel, and this response was OTT to say the least. I guess I just expected something a little better from the members of the Stikfanatics board.

Thats the end of this weeks Editorial. Treat your The Newbie well, remember you were once that Newbie, and I believe its our responsibility as Stikfans to grow the hobby. Well thats how I feel about it, what are your thoughts?

If you have a comment about this Editorial, but don’t wish to publish it here please email stikfans101@stikfans.com


  1. seamonkeyboy said,

    April 4, 2008 @ 4:34 am

    Good call,

    thats stikasylum for ya..

    the friendliest they get in forum is the “hello and welcome” your first day.
    after that you’re on your own, say anything that differs from popular opinion and you’ll get blocked/ignored by almost all.

    2 years on and i would rather spend my online time at http://www.katoots.com

    same stikfas, lots of customs, whole lot less attitude..

    Rex if you are reading, come on over to katoots, we’d love to have you.
    tell them seamonkeyboy sent you.

  2. Meadeslemicah said,

    April 4, 2008 @ 3:10 pm

    My sincerest apologies to Rex for my inconsiderate comments.

    His creations are rather unique and a little bit naive. They’re just out of the ordinary and was posted near April Fool’s day. I was prank a couple of times near midnight and I thought, those customs might be pranks too. Sometimes I can be harsh critique. Also it takes me awhile to realize the mistakes I made.

    I hope I didn’t discourage Rex with my comments. But rather just take them as a challenge to get better.

    P.S. I like the background 😛

  3. Editorial - Community | said,

    April 18, 2008 @ 3:23 pm

    […] overview of the Stikfas communities that I know are out there. Its not as controversial as my last Editorial so relax, and read […]

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