Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – The Winner is…

Stik challengeThe results for the Final Round of the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 are now in.

Its been over a month since the Competition Moderator Wolfie announced the entrant rules for the final two Kel7Alpha and MunkiBoi. You can read these rules here.

Sadly this is a competition and there has to be a final winner. Learn who wins after the jump.

The final two had three weeks to deliver there customs, and were also awarded an addition of a weeks extension on this time. Sadly Munki Boi missed the final deadline, so the winner by default is Kel7Alpha.

Congratulations Kel, and bad luck Munki Boi. Not the best way for the competition that has spawned so many cool customs to end, but rules are rules and both of you have risen to the challenge. Be Proud 🙂
To check out the final two Stikfas Customs Here.

I addition to the Final Two, there was a Fan’s Choice that could be voted on by the fans on the Stikfanatics board. The winner of the Fan’s Choice is Hemish for his Glutton Cuboyd custom, congratulations 🙂

From what I’ve heard the these final three are in line for some pretty amazing prizes, and I’m looking forward to what they make out them. Well done, and kudo’s to everyone that entered or ran the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008. 🙂

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