Stikworld – a future Stikfas MMO or social networking for Stikfans?

This little tidbit was hidden away in the November 2007 news about Stikfas Creator Ban YJ receiving the Presidents Design Award for 2007 (Congratulations by the way Ban YJ). If you follow the picture link in the news article, of the link provided here you will see several pictures from the Design Awards.

The first picture is the jury citation containing some information about the possible direction for Stikfas. The first interesting piece is about a special 3D ‘Constructor’ Software package that allows you to design your own Stikfas, animate them, and possible purchase them directly from Stikfas HQ!

The second was small piece of information is about a project called Stikworld, where you can take your specially designed Stikfas and interact in a 3D environment. The citation mentions Stikworld being a game, but will it have hints of second life? Could this be the future of Stikfas and social networking for Stikfans everywhere? With Lego on the verge of releasing there own MMO it looks like an interesting development for simply the best darn toy ever made, and will do its best to keep you posted about this.

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