Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Hello Everyone, its time for the Stikfans Stikfas Web Comic Round Up 🙂 I hope everyone has had a good week, and ready for your Friday Procrastination with this weeks updated Stikfas Web Comics as company.

Before we start, if anyone knows of a Stikfas Related Web Comic not featured here or on our URL list please email Stikfans101@stikfans.com, now lets see whats new this week.

Olde Town Stikfas Players Ltd writes to us with this weeks updates to there Stikfas Skit comedy. This weeks update include a confrontation of sorts with K9 Officer Kickback, Dome Walker Yoga, and how Fairies can be related to Vikings. Check it all out here.

Action Figure Comics – continues with the Buffet of Doom in Perils of the Bold, and has a updated to its  Webcomic Entertainment strip. Check it all out here.

Sub-Standard Comics updates with more action from the self-proclaimed hero Spida-bit, and the Traveling Australians are in deadly peril!!! Check out the action here.

Stuck – the action continues with a fight between Monk & Sam, as they discuss why Ceasar wants to take over. Check it out here.

And finally…

The Phim charts its surreal course with new updates this week. Trip into the Phim here.

Happy Procrastination Everyone 🙂

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