Stikfans News 03/14/2008 – Family Illness Update

This is a family illness update
This week we received a bit of a step back in terms of news of Jean’s ongoing fight with cervical cancer. As you may be aware she underwent major surgery two weeks ago in the hopes that the majority of cancer will be removed, cutting down on any Radiation Treatments, and possible Chemo. At this time she is healing fast and is ahead of the curve in terms of her recovery from the surgery.
Sadly this week we’ve learned that although the surgery was successful in catching the majority of the cancer, some of it has spread to the sides and the node count(?) means Jean will undergo a heavier dose of Radiation Treatment than we thought. And will have to undergo Chemo therapy as well. We did expect this, what we didn’t expect is Jean will have to undergo internal radiation treatments, which by all accounts is not pleasant and could led to further complications.

At this time we thank you all for your well wishes and positive thoughts for Jean, she is still positive and we stand a very good chance of beating this cancer. Thank you all.

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