Stikfas News – 02/27/2008

Pictures from the US distributor Saizon Booth from Toy Fair 2008 have just been posted in the Stikfas HQ News Section. You can check them out here, or with this more direct link here.

Saizon also has two polls running on the Stikfanatics board, asking us the Stikfans to choose what Color & what Rider we would like to see in the Redeco Stikfas Dragon Kit.

The Dragon Poll can be found here.

The Rider Poll can be found here.

And to finish off our elongated Stikfas news section, Larry Stikfas is back on the road, and is heading to Antioch. His website The TravelingStik has just been updated with new pictures. You can check out Larry’s latest news and pictures here.

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