Stikfans News 02/27/2008 – Family Illness Update

This is an update on the LNC Staff Member Jean’s condition, click below to learn more.

After a five hour surgery starting at 7.59am and finishing at 1.06pm, with about 30 minutes of me panicking when her name disappeared off the progress list 2 hours into the proceedure (damn computer glitches). The Doctor came to me and I was told it was a success, and that he was very pleased with the results of it.

Around 3pm Jean was released from recovery and sent to her room. I fully expected her to be pretty much out of it for the rest of the day, but she was surprisingly awake and aware. And whilst she has tubes sticking out of everywhere, she is doing well and healing fast. We still have a few radiation treatments to go through (okay not we, she does), I’m taking this all as a good sign 🙂

Jean would like to thank everyone especially the Stikfanatics board for the well wishes, thoughts and prays. She is said she is doing well, and is looking forward to getting back on her feet.

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