Stikfans News 02/25/2008 – Family Illness


Last week LNC Staff Member and my long time girlfriend Jean learned she had stage 3b cervical cancer. For those of you who don’t know, thats about as bad as it gets before it spreads into the rest of your body. Tomorrow she is undergoing a 5 hour surgical operation of which part is a radical hysterectomy, and part is removing as many cancer cells that they can discover. Followed by a week of cancer treatment such as blasting the infected area with radiation.

Jean is a long-time Stikfan and the girl that I love. Several of her customs have appeared in and in the Dark Omen Dawning Strip. She provided the green bug headed alien with the claws that first appeared in issue 11. She just recently completed an interview with Stikfas Creator BanYJ for the soon to be released website, and will be there leading Stikfas Expert. Plus almost all the Stikfas you see on display at our Booth when we do conventions are built by her 🙂

Needless to say, this entire situation feels certainly unreal to me, and I cannot even imagine what Jean is feeling. I know everything will be okay, Jean is young and a strong person, and I wont accept any other reality than her getting better. So, please if you can spare a minute keep her in your thoughts for the next couple of days.

The other side effect of this, and its minor compared to what Jean will be going through, is I wont be available for any Stikfans or LNC correspondence as of Tuesday for at least a couple of days as we work through this.
Domo arigato,

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