This is an update on the Dead post.

Sometime in the wee morning hours here on the USA east coast popped back onto the internet. For how long it will remain online we don’t know but we at Stikfans are very glad to report that is alive.

At this time we have no news of what caused the outage, however the Stikfa Twitter account is reporting a glitch.  Last night when I noticed the Stikfans auto link checker had reported as dead, we checked the registry information on the domain. The domain had been placed into renewal or deletion mode around April 6th. Our link checker found the dead site on April 10th. I noticed on April 12th when I viewed the report. Taking an educated guess with the information that we have available to us here, was offline for at least 4-6 days.

This of course poses this question, when a website of a popular designer toy goes offline and no one notices, does it make any noise?

Now is Stikfas HQ still really active? The website and domain are online although no news and no updates for the last two years makes it more of a living dead site. However, where there is life there is hope right?

Our Stikfans exclusive picture and summary can be viewed after the jump…

Now that this sudden burst of Stikfas news is all said and done, it still leaves us with a website that is dead in terms of news and updates. I mean we are not even treated to a hang in there something cool is a coming teaser. The feeling here at Stikfans is bitter sweet, we had an ending last night with being offline… Now is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

Whatever happens with Stikfas we will report it, comment on it and enjoy the best darn toy for just a little longer.

Now for that exclusive Stikfans pic…Jean spanks Darth Vadar

We hinted at it last night, this is one of the pictures from our adventure at Zoloworld. Jean cornered the Sith Lord himself Darth Vadar and he was a very, very naughty boy and got a spanking… We think he enjoyed it a little too much…

That’s it for now, stay safe and have fun.
Nick & Jean

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