No News Is…

Last post was almost two months ago and we are still on the search for more news about The Best Darn Toy Ever Made.

And so far…

We’ve not uncovered much, some rumblings in October which didn’t lead to much product news beyond the much rumored Zeta Series Evoloids and a slight yawn as Stikfas stretched a little bit in early January on Twitter.  And I am yet to confirm if its an Official Twitter or a Fan Based One.

But really we’ve had little Stikfas news here.

So I will leave you with these links found on that leads to a very cool Stikfas Phantom diorama picture set on GG-Photo called Death Army.

And this rather cool Stikfas Collectors Piece that only appeared in Singapore that is selling on Ebay. The Stikfas Fanbook a must have for Stikfans everywhere. Go check it out, its at a good price.

Onwards, news posted as we discover it. Hang in there Stikfans 🙂

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