All Good Things…

StikfansAll good things do come to an end.

After almost a year of updates, and 290 posts it is time to shut the doors over here on We’ve worked hard this last year bringing you the Stikfan fresh stikfas stuff to amuse, inspire, and have fun with. started as a blog project to bring together all the various Stikfas stuff across the internet. Now sadly Jean & myself cannot continue, various life things, the server expense and other factors, like the constant hacker attacks, have got too much for us to cope with.

We do hope in our own little way we’ve helped bring more faces to the Stikfas hobby, and helped introduce all its facets to wider audience. We are very happy we gave you all a year of Stikfas-centric entertainment, and now its time for us to move on.

Thank you all for your time, we wish you all, and Stikfas all the success in the new year and the far future. The server for should be up until the new year, and after that the website will go offline. As this is the very last post here on Stikfans we would like to exit with this classic line – So long now, and thank you all for the fish 😉
Domo Arigato,
Nick & Jean

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