Stikfas Review – Cuboyds First Wave & Pirates

Cuboyds First Wave

Continuing our series of Stikfas reviews by Stikfan Meadeslemicah, this week he takes a look at the First Wave of Cuboyds, so with no further to do I’ll hand over to Meades after the jump.

Durability – 5
Poseability – 4
Accessories – N/A
Bash – 4
restock – 5

– Box heads with a lot of attitude. Lots of ways to pose these guys.
– Comes in variety of colors in each series.
– Easily customizable to a robot.
– The hands can attach to another hand to make a chain of cuboyds.

– The hands are not compatible with other stikfas accessories.
– First series came in a blind box. That might be a problem for some who wants to collect ‘em all
– Didn’t come in a sprue tree. Yes, I enjoy de-sprueing my kits. 😛

– If you like posing stikfas, these guys are great addition to that.


Durability – 1
Poseability – 3
Accessories – 4
Bash – 3
restock – 3

Durability – 5
Poseability – 4
Accessories – 4
Bash – 5
restock – 4

– 2 Kits in one box. Similar to the ninja kit.
– nifty pirate accessories, such as peg leg, eyepatch, bandana, swords, and guns.
– There’s a parrot too. lol

– My pirate (red alpha) cracked on me upon assembly. I had to tape/glue his joints.
– hmm…yeah pretty much just pissed on how the quality on the red alpha is.

– Well if you’re getting this kit for the skelly, go for it; Otherwise, if you’re after the red alpha, take a chance you might find one that doesn’t crack.

Thank you Meadeslemicah, see you next week.

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