Stikfas Reviews – Ninjas, MBears & the Classic Alpha Military

Ninja Duel

Continuing our ongoing series of reviews by Stikfas Meadeslemicah, this week he gives us his thoughts on the Stikfas Ninja Duel set and the ever-green MBear Clover.

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Ninja DuelNinja Duel
Durability – 4
Poseability – 5
Accessories – 4
Bash – 3
restock – 5

– Perfect kit for beginners
– Great for posing and stocking up on stikfas fodder(body).
– 2 alphas and accessories for the price of one regular kit.

– I’m peeved they didn’t make the “kunai” Ninja Dagger.
– The G2 have a tendency to have their elbow and knee (ball joint) to pop out easily.
Kunai DaggerA Kunai looks like this:

– If this is your first time buying stikfas, this is one kit you should get a hold of first.

MbearMBear – Clover
Durability – 5
Poseability – 3
Accessories – 1
Bash – 2
restock – 4

– It’s bigger than the mbear. lol

– These guys are great only if you customize ’em.
– Price is a bit high for a small fig. Worth getting through a set.
– head is a bit bigger than the body. maybe why a lot still prefer the bear from the mechana kit.

– If you like bears, get ’em

Classic Alpha MilitaryClassic Alpha Military
Durability – 5
Poseability – 4
Accessories – 5
Bash – 5
restock – 5

– I believe this is the first regular kit that came out.
– Tons of guns and accessories for military
– Very sturdy kit, I havent had problems with broken joints.

– Joints are a bit stiff.
– the peg hole at the sole is circular in contrast to the square that is standard on all alphas.
– Everything is black, Alpha male and accessories. (no variation unlike the military kit—would be nice to have black and grey)

– It’s one of the first kits out there and also one of the best.

Thats it for this week, thank you Meadeslemicah see you next Friday!

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