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Stikfan101 (aka Nick) – Welcome to a new trial feature here on, I have been wanting to add a review catagory to this website ever since it opened. With all the time devouted to running, and sourcing articles, features and images for Stikfans, Jean or myself never had time to give the review section the time it is needed. Then over on long-time poster Meadeslemicah started a review thread, and after an exchange of messages he agreed to have these reviews reproduced here, and if they prove to be popular to start producing them for Stikfans. To see what Meadelsmemich has to say about the retro-classic Spaceman & Mechana make the jump.

Meadelsmemich – These review are based on my opinions and doesn’t clearly reflect the community’s opinion and outlook on the stikfas kits. I also use pics that i have on my gallery, which are mostly customized versions of the original kits.

The review scoring is based on a 1-5 ranking scale which i will describe the categories below:
Durability – Does the pieces crack when you put them together? Usually a “1” would be a definite yes, “3” borderline, and “5” no issues with that.
Poseability – I’ll consider the stiffness of the joints and twisty waist syndrome. Alphas will at the most get “4” while G2 will get at the most “5”
Accessories – It will gauge how many different kind of weapons, equipment, and armor/clothing the kits has.
Bash – In my opinion, how well I can use the parts for bashing customs.
Restock – How willing I will buy this kit again.

Let’s start with my latest Stikfas kit assembled – Spaceman
Mike SpacemanDurability – 5
Poseability – 4
Accessories – 4
Bash – 4
restock – 5

– joint movement is loose as the black omega on the orig. knight with stallion kit. (no stiff joints)
– No cracking or snapping of joints upon assembly. Especially when i have issues with the orange sprues before.
– Comes with a clear sprue that has the dome, flames, and alien pieces.
– Accessories comes with ray guns, clamps, backpack w/ antennae, clear dome helmet, space suit and a clear alien.

– Not really a con, but i do wish they make a peg holes on the backpack and the boot soles. For one, the clear stand on the delta extreme kit would fit perfectly for this kit especially when you put the clear flames on the boot soles if they have the peg holes.

– The belt has a buckle that looks like a nintendo controller.
– The alien looks lime Olimar in pikmin

– Great kit to have, especially if you like orange like me.

Mikes MechanaMechana with Bear

Durability – 3
Poseability – 4
Accessories – 3
Bash – 5
restock – 5

Bear (Bear in pictures has been colored silver from original blue)
Durability – 5
Poseability – 3
Accessories – N/A
Bash – 3
restock – 5

– Another kit on the list for stifkas fans.
– Well articulated robot, especially the well segmented arms and fingers.
– Comes with a cute and cool bear.
– Accessories include: Antennae, ray gun, and clamps.

– Stiff joints
– Joints break an the torso (shoulders and waist) see my Mechana Workshop

– A must have kit for robot and Stikfas Fanatics.

Mike Mechana

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