Rumor Mill – 10/16/2008

New Releases Old Stikfas Kits

This is going to be a bit of an odd Rumor Mill, as its dealing with returning kits and most of the news is mostly North American based.

First off, as you can see by the graphic some kits that even I thought were gone forever are coming back. I have no news if these are reissues or if Saizon have uncovered another stash of Stikfas kits, my gut is telling me its another stash. Either way its a good time for new and old Stikfas fans. The list of the Stikfas kits that are coming back are after the jump.

This list is only for North America releases at this time I do not have any real information for worldwide releases. Expected release date is mid-November.
Dome Walker
The STICKers Band
Emergency Response Team
Chinese Warrior Monk
Ninja Duel Set

Myself I’m happy to see the return of the Ninja Duel set mainly because Fight-DiceTM prototype is based off this set. All the rest are great kits for collectors, and customizers so pick them up as soon as they appear!!! Now, lets see what else we can uncover.

According the release list we are still due one more new kit this year, the much rumored Shogun. At this time I have no new information, but based on rumors its going to be a return to a Gamma body type and have textured armor. Armor that fits a Gamma body is a boon for customizers and if we see if before the new year this will be a fast moving set.

Speaking of fast moving sets, what ever happened to the Evangelion Stikfas? There are at least a year overdue, and all we have see is some test sprues from Stikfas HQ. From here I will hypothesis on the fate of these much anticipated kits.

At the moment it is safe to say that these kits are most likely on hold and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. I think the main reason for this I believe is cost, roughly mid-summer 2007 I received word that the first sprues were rejected by the Evangelion Committee due to detailing problems. This in itself is not unusually and from my experience dealing with the LOTR license it can be very nit-picky with the details. However with plastic kits changing details means chaning the tool, which is a huge metal block that has to be drilled with precision instruments from the inside out. The average cost of a plastic injection mold is $30-$40K, that coupled with new packaging means a hefty out of pocket expense and gamble for any toy company. It is important to remember that Stikfas are still small (but mighty) and they have to stagger there expenses between new kit development and continual production of the older sets.

The other reason I believe is Stikfas are slowly missing the Evangelion boat in timing of this release, these kits were created with the Evangelion reboot inmind. Whilst the Eva2.0 hasn’t hit the North American shows it wont be long before the excitement from the new films will drain out of the main asian markets.

Now we have two reasons expense and timing – major factors in a release of any toy. I think Stikfas HQ would really like to get Evangelion out of the door, and might even be restructing to make this happen, if they are then my money would be on a mid-summer release in 2009. After that they wont be able to make the splash with these sets and recoup the expense that they want. So, if you want Stikfas Evangelion sets, buy more Stikfas 😉

Thats, that for this months Rumor Mill, as ever I’m going to finish with a couple of blind items.

Shoguns appear in blue

Should MBears be blind

Back in Black is more than just retro

See you all next month!

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  1. meadeslemicah said,

    October 16, 2008 @ 11:25 am

    ohh… i didn’t realize stikshop is up. Good to see it’s back. So I guess you’ll have those in-stock later? 😛 Dome walker and demoness are in my wish list. probably going to grab a shogun while at it when it does come out.

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