Stikfas Web Comic Update – 09/29/2008

Stuck - Web ComicHello and welcome to our Stikfas Web Comic update. This is our changed web comic article format that concentrates on Stikfas related Web Comic releases over round ups.

Today we turn the spotlight on Stuck, this is a bare bones Stikfas action comic. With no real props and driven by an action narrative, with marvel quality action sequences. The Stikfas in this story fight a philosophical and physical combat in an odd limbo. I’ve been following this comic since its beginning and its now made it to its 100th issue!!! Well done chaps and I hope you’ve got 100 more in you.

Take a look at Stuck today, the action is heating up as Caesar is attempting to rally the denizens to attack Wyrxx, but Amy has other ideas. Check out Issue 100.

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