Fight-DiceTM Update

Fight-Dice Artwork

Fight-Dice logoFight-DiceTM – The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game has some news. As you know Fight-DiceTM is self-produced independent production. This means production, game development, publication and design are heavily dependent on the free time of the author.

Recently Fight-DiceTM has published a sketch book of artwork on there website, showcasing the new artwork, and direction that the game is now going in. The game is based on using any action figure in a duel style game, and the open ended nature of it makes a it a perfect fit for Stikfas Action Figures.
And now they have sent a prototype copy of the new version3.0 of the game to Stikfas HQ with a proposal to develop the game alongside our favorite action figures.

Fingers crossed that Fight-DiceTM is successful, and Stikfas HQ pick up the game and help them get to the next level. If you want to help, email Stikfas HQ at and ask about Fight-DiceTM.

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