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SigmartyrHello, and welcome to the weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round up. Its Labor Day weekend here in the USA, and that means for some of us three fairly free days. With our weekly web comic round up, we hope to help you kill a little bit of that time, or at least help you in your efforts to procrastinate the weekend away.

While Stikfas Web Comic updates are fairly slow this time of the year, what we like to call the summer slow down I am happy to report that a new strip has been published in one of the more darker Stikfas web comics. Now lets take a look at what is going on this week.

Sigmartyr – The dark perilous world of Sigmartyr returns with a brand new update. G25 is still stalking the island, but has he been discovered? Check out the new update here.

StuckStuck – continues on and its back to action. Caesar takes on Ninja, as they not only fight, but discuss the pillars of civilization. Check it out here.

Well, that’s it for this week, with Sigmartyr coming back we should start to see an upswing in the Stikfas web comic ranks. Until next week, you all have a good one 🙂

If you know of a Stikfas Web Comic that is not mentioned in the weekly update, or in our growing URL list please email us at stikfans101@stikfans.com

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  1. theedj1 said,

    September 20, 2008 @ 11:37 am

    Yes, I’m a loser – I know but “On The 7th Day” for NICK 12 Days is finally up and all goes well the second half should be before the of Sunday.

    Hope it’s good enjoy


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