Rumor Mill – 08/22/2008

Stikfas Green Dragon Artist RenditionHello, and welcome to the Rumor Mill, the ongoing look at what is coming up, what is going on, and what is generally happening in the world of Stikfas. Everything presented in the following article is all based on rumors, snippets of conversations and internet leakage. But, as we all know all rumors do have a grain of truth in them, right?

Lets kick off by saying sorry, we’ve been away for a couple of month and the biggest reason is Stikfas HQ goes really quiet during the summer months. Now that fall is almost around the corner, we’ve been kicking over the rocks and trying to find the skinny of what is what with Stikfas.

First off I have a USA only item. Over the last three-four months there has been a general drop off the most popular Stikfas kits, supplies in stores running low as these kits disappeared from there shelves, and from the North American Distributors Saizons warehouse. We feared that fabled names such as the Chinese Warrior Monk, Legionnaire and Spaceman would be gone forever, they are now staging a come back. Find out more after the jump.

Well we found out, that Saizon has managed to locate a secret stash in China, and is bringing them over now. This stash will included the following, once thought discontinued kits.
Dune Buggy
Alpha Male on Motorcycle
Delta Boy X
Beta Safari Girl
Chinese Warrior Monk
G2 Baseball Player in Grey
G2 Hockey Player in Teal
G2 Alpha Male Blisters Red, Green & Yellow

All that will certain fill the Stikfas ranks back up nicely, still a lot of old favorites on the discontinued list, but as we know nothing really stays discontinued too long with Stikfas, and almost always it pops up in another color. Although it would of been nice to see the Supervillian, and Omega Soldier return to that list. From what we’ve been able to gather, this resupply is going to be limited, so if you need the kit or the bitz watch your favorite Stikfas store for there re-releases.

Now onto some gritty rumor stuff. After being dead right about the release of the Master Assassin, we’ve been busy trying to unearth what is coming up next for Stikfas. We have heard all kinds of wild stuff, from Stikfas in Exo Suits, too a whole new Beta body type. Its all rumors after all, and who knows what truth they main contain. However, we think we’ve locked down what the next Stikfas release is going to be (well at least in the USA anyway). Did you catch our hint at the start of this article? If so you know we are going to see the return of the Beta Female Warrior & Dragon, which is perhaps the most popular Stikfas kit ever!

This is going to be a redeco, although the colors are still a little up in the air at the moment. We think its going to be a dark green dragon, and the body of the Beta Female is going to be Demoness Red. This still leaves the question of what color the accessories will be, but you cannot go wrong with just plain black. This kit is supposed to hit the shores here in the USA sometime in October, and the next kit the often rumor Shogun will be seeing our shelves sometime after that.

But, what about that Shogun? We are still trying to get details on what this upgrade to the basic Samurai kit will be getting, the most consistent rumor is its going to be now based on a G2 Gamma Body, and the armor is going to be textured. For those of you that play Legends of the Five Rings, the thought of being able to make a Samurai of the Crab is pretty cool. Once we get more details, we will of course let you know in the next rumor mill.

After the Shogun rumors, things have been very tight lipped over at Stikfas HQ, there is nothing we can pick up about what we will see for next year, or if we will ever see the release of the Evangelion Stikfas. The only person that knows what will happen next is most likely Ban J, and he ain’t telling. Lets finish with a couple of blind items.

An Action Figure dueling game has been spotted doing the rounds at HQ?
Cuboyds are coming out of the box?
Stikfas are too cross into the next evolution?

That’s it for this Rumor Mill, you all have a good one now.

If anyone uncovers a Stikfas rumor, or your in the know and want to break your news through us, please email at

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