Competition – Olympic Stikfas

Olympic StikfasIts Competition Time here at!!!

In celebration of the Olympics, we have opened an Olympic Stikfas Album in our Stik Gallery for everyone to post there Olympic Themed Stikfas images. Thats right, you don’t have to be a member of the Stik Gallery to post an image and enter this cool Stikfas sporting event.

It can be a custom, a photorama, an oddly shaped logo as long as its Olympic themed and has a Stikfas, Cuboyd or Mbear in it!!! At the end of the Olympics in Beijing, special Stikfas prizes will be given out to what we judge as the top three Olympic images.

Now get creative, and have fun with your Stikfas!!!

You can view the Stikfas Olympic Album by Clicking Here.

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