Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Welcome to the weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up, the one stop source for your weekend procrastination, and source for Stikfas Web Comic news. Its summertime a traditional slow down in any online web comic publishing cycle, as authors have family events, or other life stuff to attend. Now lets see what is going on this week.

The following Stikfas Web Comics are on haitus at the moment, due to the Authors dealing with life events, from moving, changing job, to just plain being very, very busy.

Action Figure Comics – Publishers of Perils of the Bold, and Dark Omen Dawning. Last we heard he was moving, and changing job? All his web comics are on a slow publishing cycle at the moment, but Erik should be back at the end of the month.

Sigmartyr – Is on pause at the moment, as the Author is in the middle of a couple of projects that are demanding all his spare time. Scheduled to return in the next two weeks.

Sub-Standard Comics – Always publishes in cycles, and is currently between Episodes as OP finds time to get some new issues together. Expect it to return to the fold sometime after the summer.

Told you its the summer slowdown, and when Authors get busy with life stuff, fun projects like Web Comics get put to one side. Props’ to all the Web Comic publishers for taking time out of there lives to entertain us. Now, lets check out the last Stikfas Web Comic on our list that has updated this week 🙂

Stuck – Its nearly election time and the denizens of Stuck gather to discuss who can be trusted to count the vote, that is not already on the ballot? Find out the Answer here.

Yep, that’s it for this week 😉

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