Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Update

I am sorry that this weeks Web Comic Update is a little late, I’ve been busy with my kids all day and I find myself puppy sitting as well! Ahem, Welcome back to your once a week weekend procrastination stop, we check out what is new in the Stikfas Web Comic world for you to catch up on.

Sigmartyr – Ninja Commando Action continues, we catch a glimpse of G25 possible target and the Commando runs across a little trouble. Check out that action here.

Stuck – Ray begins construction of his One Idol to Preach too All, and gets into a discussion with Odin and the Angel over spiritual matters. Find out what is going on here.

Thats is for this week 🙂 If you know of a Stikfas Related Web Comic that is not mentioned here or shown in our growing URL list. Please email Stikfans101@stikfans.com

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