Stikfas Bootlegs

Stikfas Bootlegs have been around almost as long as Stikfas themselves, some are more blatant than others. Like the Puzzlers, that used the same sprue layout but different colors. One thing that was always true about these Bootlegs, was although they were cheaper than actual Stikfas, the plastic, and often construction was inferior.

Here is a link taken from the Katoots forum, that has a good comparison article of another Bootleg Stikfas kit that calls itself Intellect. Check out the comparison article here.

Don’t be fooled by knock offs, you may think they make cheap custom fodder but with shoddy plastic, workmanship you will often only be hurting your pocket and indirectly Stikfas themselves. Man, that so sounded like a don’t do drugs commerical, right?
Please let us know of your experiences with Bootleg Stikfas sets, and if you have any pictures please send them to

Thank you 🙂

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