Stikfas Weekly Web Comic Round Up

Happy Fourth of July Everybody 🙂 This special early edition of the Web Comic Round Up has been made possible by this early holiday and three day weekend.  Now put your feet up for your first procrastination stop of the weekend.

Action Figure Comics – We witness the game of the gods and learn a little more about meta-phoric existence. Learn more here.

Web Comic Entertainment – The Monthly look at the Stikfas Web Comic industry by the lovely Leela, brings us the Make Up test shots of Olga Brickhouse – click here to view them here.

Nick 12 Days – Brings us the next installment of there unique video style comic, its part two of Day 6 and we meet the long mentioned Tim Soar. – Click here to watch Nick 12 Days.

Sigmartyr – Continues its Ninja Commando action as the mysterious G25 unit infiltrates deeper into the Omega held island, and catches a glimpse of its possible target? Find out what is happening here.

Stuck – Election fever continues and Ray wants to drop out of the race in favor of Tina. Find out what happens here.

Thats it for this week, and its a fairly packed Round Up. Sadly we have to announce the lose of a Stikfas Web comic Stik Comics has now closed its comic doors. We are sorry to see it go. Have a great holiday, and if you know of a Stikfas Related Webcomic not featured here or in our growing URL list please email

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