Rumor Mill – 06/18/2008

Master AssassinWelcome to the June 2008 Rumor Mill column, the place were we take a look at what is new, and what is going on with all things Stikfas. A place for all the gossip, half-heard tips and out right speculation come to rest.

First off I want to say score one for the Rumor Mill. We’ve been scratching at the Master Assassin rumor for three months now and it looks like Stikfas HQ have finally released the kit. So you can’t blame us if we feel a little punchy today. And isn’t a cool kit!!! I want one, no two… Heck, with all the new weapons and accessories this is going to be a very popular kit indeed.

North American release date for this neat kit is approx late July/early August, so keep your eyes peeled for the North American release announcement here at Stikfans, and reserve your Assassin at our sponsor website

Now where does that leave us with the list of possible Stikfas releases to come? The Assassin was rumored to be coming out with a new style Samurai kit. Instead the Assassin is a single release, this could mean Stikfas HQ are still working on the Samurai details, or that the releases are going to be staggered over the next couple of months. Speaking of the Samurai we’ve heard that the body type for this new kit may not be the traditional Alpha Male?

That leaves the question what body type could it be? It might be the G2? Or one of the two currently discontinued bodies the Sigma or the Gamma. On a personal note I think the Sigma would make a good traditional Samurai body – yes, I am thinking crane style, although a monster crab like Samurai based on the Gamma body would look very sweet indeed.

The ranks of discontinued Stikfas kits is growing, joining the list we started last month are the
Black Ops Gunner
Black Ops Rhino
Black Ops Phoenix

Dark Lands Bones Jones

We already know that once the current Black Ops, Dark Lands and 1627 Blister Lite sets disappear they are gone. But we have heard speculation that some of the legacy type Stikfas kits like the Mechana, Chinese Warrior Monk, Superhero and Supervillain sets may be heading for the discontinued Stifkas ranks as well.

Of course discontinued could mean the kit is being retired for awhile, and will come back redeco. For some kits like the Mechana I think this would be a boost for it, the current darker more somber colors that Stikfas are producing are being really well received, so if it is discontinued we might see it return say in black? After all that was the color that was a long standing favorite with many Stikfans on the street.

What ever is going on, and we at the Rumor Mill will try to find out for you it seems HQ are shaking up the range, and we are going to see some interesting changes.

Now to finish off here are a couple of blind items.

Dragon Vs Samurai, or Samurai Vs Dragon?

Are the Evoloids the next evolution? (see Stikfans concepts)

Do you remember the Devil Robots?

Thats it for this months addition of the Rumor Mill, we will be back next month with more news, more gossip and we hope some ideas of what Stikfas are planning for there late fall releases. If you have any questions please email or drop a comment below.

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