Philippines ToyCon 2008 Stikfas Coverage

The following images have been supplied by Metal Zi, who is a regular on the Forum, and on the Katoots boards. These images primarily concentrate on Wimax Stikfas booth at the ToyCon2008 event, to see all the images from this event (including some cute Cosplay Girls) please visit the Katoots Stikfas board.

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Yes that is a pre-release look at the Brand NEW Stikfas kit the Master Assassin!!! Thank you again Zi for the images, and your a lucky bugger for getting your mitts on those kits before anyone else!!! 😀

To finish off todays entry, a World Exclusive (okay it appeared on Katoots first) the first Stikfas Master Assassin Custom by Metal Zi 🙂

Stikfas Master Assassin Custom

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