Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

It’s Saturday morning, and its time for the Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up. Your one stop procrastination stop for all your Stikfas related Web Comic news. Lets see what is new this week.

Action Figure Comics – Kicks off the action this week as we return to see what Bold and his party of adventurers are up to. Check out the Perils of the Bold here

Nick 12 Days – Nick has been given an offer he should not refuse as his adventure continues in his 6th day. See the action here.

Stuck – Monk Vs Vik, fight as Monk tries to convince Vik he should run for election. This and more election mania at Stuck by clicking here.

Thats it for this week, if you know of any Stikfas Related Web Comics not featured here or on our URL list, please email Stikfans101@stikfans.com

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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