Editorial – Responsibility

I’ve heard this a few times who is responsible for fueling the Stikfas hobby? Is it the fan? The Retailer? The Manufacturer? The Baker and the Candlestick maker? Who is it?

For the most part Stikfas success can be attributed to the Manufacturers unique relationship with its creations fans. You will have to look really hard to find another toy company that has the same hands on, or listens to its fanbase as much as Stikfas HQ. The rewards of this are self-relevant, and its a philosophy that I as a Stikfan hope Stikfas HQ keeps too.

Stikfas HQ have another responsibility as well, to keep feeding new products into the range, to come up with new ideas on how to grow it and generally keep there product alive. It is a harder balancing act than most of us can imagine. After all, each product must not only pay for itself, but provide the funds for the next project down the line.

Now Stikfas has another unique resource, its fans. Its hard to find any fan more fanatical about there toy than a Stikfan. Its through there enthusiasm that we see fansites like Stikfanatics, Paintstiks, or even ourselves Stikfans.com appearing. A place for Stikfans to gather, exchange ideas and hang out with other Stikfans. That in turn grows other websites, like the ongoing list of Stikfas Webcomics, Customizer galleries and so on, and so forth…

Of course this brings certain perils as well, a fanatical fanbase can lose steam, people can become jaded as new products are slow to appear, and that filters down into the general Stikfas community. This cannot be helped, after all we all feel a certain sense of ownership of the Stikfas brand.

And then we have the Retailers, and to be fair its not really the retailers job to promote Stikfas beyond putting them on there shelves. Now, there are exceptions to that rule and there are retailers who do spend time and energy in providing resources for the Stikfas hobby, and are active promoting and showcasing Stikfas. But, its not really down to them.

That returns us to the original question, who is responsible for fueling the hobby, for keeping the flame burning? My answer is simple, if we want Stikfas to be a success, if we want our hobby to grow, to expand, and to be all we think it can be, then I think we all are, and for the record I’m not a candlestick maker 😉

After all its simply fun… Be gentle with the earth now.

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