Weeky Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

We are still on our new time of Friday evening, setting up a gentle weekend morning procrastination zone for you all. Do you like the new time, or do you want me to move it back to Friday afternoon? Let me know 🙂 Now, lets see what is new this week in the world Stikfas related Web Comics

Action Figure Comics – Perils of the KO’Bold continue, as Kreex continues his quest for the dragons lair and he is about to stumble upon something most unexpected… Check it out here.

Stuck – Amy, Doc and Tina come up with a cunning plan to counteract Knights brilliant idea. Check out what they come up with here.

That is for this week, we’ve heard rumblings that Sigmartyr is gearing up to start shooting season 2 of its mature rated Stikfas comic. We will keep you posted if we learn anything new. Now, if you know of a Stikfas related web comic that is now featured here on our URL list please email stikfans101@stikfans.com

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