Rumor Mill – 05/08/2008

EvangelionHello, and welcome to the second edition of Rumor Mill, this is the place were we speculate, and discuss rumors, and ideas involving our favorite toy, Stikfas. Remember all rumors have a grain of truth in them…

In our last edition we discussed the possibility of Evangelion appearing in Stikfas form in the near future. Since then we’ve posted a picture of an assembled test sprue, and it looks pretty sweet.

Evangelion Stikfas

For sheer customizer value the Stikfas Eva sets are going to be amazing. I know what you are all asking through are we ever going to see them? I don’t really have an answer for that at the moment, latest scuttlebutt says a possible release at the end of the year. I think that is most likely the last chance Stikfas will have to make a huge splash with the Eva sets, as I believe that is when we are going to see the next-gen Evangelion movies be released in the USA.

However, Stikfas traditionally has a mid-summer release and its been pretty quiet over at Stikfas HQ. As ever the rumors are flying of some new kits appearing soon, and your intrepid reporter has caught wind of the possible releases. The word is we are going to see an Assassin set, and an upgraded Samurai kit sometime in the next two months! Now if this is true, the rumors say they are going to be more detailed accessories than the more regular kits.

Looks like we are going to see some new Stikfas!!!

In an odd turn about, we are getting reports of several main line regular kits going out of production, or being discontinued. When we saw the introduction of the Pre-assembled Lite Blisters, that was pretty much the death knell for the older lite-packs and once the current stock disappears the smaller kits will disappear forever! Here is the current list of discontinued sets

G2 Alpha Male with Dune Buggy
Emergency Response Team
STIKers Band
G2 Alpha Male with Dome Walker
Red Omega Knight on Stallion
Beta Female Warrior with Red Dragon
Blue Samurai
K9 Officer
Rock Star
Pop Star
Gamma Male Viking
Sigma Male Egyptian
Arch Angel
Black Ninja
Blue Ninja
Grey Baseball Player
Alpha Male Blue Blister Kit
Alpha Male Blue Blister Kit
Alpha Male White Blister Kit
G2 Alpha Male Red Blister Kit
G2 Alpha Male Green Blister Kit
Black Ops Sparrow
Cuboyds Series One

Now, we know that once the current range of Blister Lite-Packs are run, they will be gone forever. That means the current Black Ops, 1627 and Dark Lands sets will only be with us as long as stock lasts. I also predict we are going to see some older kits disappear for awhile as Stikfas changes up the range.

Based on past experience, discontinued does not normally mean the end of that kit and they do pop-up from time to time in new redeco sets. So don’t fear, range changes are perfectly normal in any toy company and Stikfas have kept a lot of older kits around for a very long time. Thats it for this Rumor Mill, we will be back with more rumors, gossip and possible range news as and when we get it.

Time for a couple of blind items.

The sky will be full of Dragons.

Starbucks coffee may stik out

Your own personal Stikfas?

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