Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Whoo hoo!!! Its Friday! I thought this day would never get here, but it has and not its time our Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up. The one stop for Stikfas related friday afternoon procrastination, now lets have a look at what going on this week.

NEW Web Comic – Nick 12 Days, a new stikfas web comic that uses a video slide-show to tell its story. Its all about Nick (and here is a clue he normally wears red) and 12 very important days in his life. Check it out here.

Action Figure Comics, the fight continues in Perils of the Bold as our adventurers face down a wood troll that refuses to stay down! Check it out here.

Olde Towne Stikfas Players Ltd, more skit comedy for the Stikfas Players Group. In Hammerbelle & Oaf,  Oaf is still trying to find his hammer, if only those Frost Giants will stop getting in his way! Check out the action here.

Stuck, Knight has an argument with his spiritual adviser and decides a very dangerous course of action. Check it out here.

Thats is for this week, I hope you enjoy all the Stikfas related web comic action. If you know of a Stikfas Web Comic not featured here or on our URL list please email stikfans101@stikfans.com

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