Stikfans News – Family Illness Update

This is a Stikfans Family Illness Update

As many of you know LNC staff member and my girlfriend Jeana was diagnosed with cervical cancer, to date she’s gone through a huge operation and just started her radiation therapy last thursday. So far, she is doing well although her nausea has got a lot worse.

Now today is a big day, today Jean is undergoing 6 hours of chemotherapy (and this is only a light dose). I cannot imagine myself having to sit for six hours whilst I get pumped through of drugs that are mildly more dangerous to the cancer, than they are too your own body.

From this point on her diet changes, and its pretty much boiled only food. Plus the real rollercoaster of good days and bad days begin. Jeana, is tired, a little scared, but thanks you all again for your thoughts and prayers. I will update when I have more news.

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