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Hello and welcome to the Stikfans.com second editorial, this is going to be a bi-monthly feature here on Stikfans and I hope to have one published every second Thursday. Depending of course on exploding computer, kids, life and girlfriend.

Editorials are really all about a point of view, to raise awareness and basically stir the pot a little bit. If anyone wishes to comment please place one below, send an email to Stikfans101@stikfans.com, or even start a thread on our new community board.

This weeks subject is about Community, and when I say community its really more of an overview of the Stikfas communities that I know are out there. Its not as controversial as my last Editorial so relax, and read on.

The Stikfas community is a fairly tight knit group. For a toy that has global appeal you would be forgiven in thinking it only had 2-3 dozen fans if you go by online numbers. Stikfas are really innovative and although the tight knit group is fairly small, its fairly vocal.

One of the beautiful things about Stikfas is they are really just 80% of the toy, we supply the play. We can build it straight from the box, customize it to our wishes, make it the toy that we want to play with, or put on a shelf. Its hard not to see it as one of the first real designer toys. That is a editorial for another day, today we look at the Stikfas communities on the incredible, edible internet.

My first experience of Stikfas Community was on the oldest on the internet, the Stikfanatics.com board. A fairly friendly place full of the Stikfas Old Guard. At the time the board was hosted by Zook, a really nice person and the board reflected his personality. I always found the Stikfanatics board a friendly, if not quirky place to visit, to get advice from and to learn about customizing Stikfas.

It has some cons though, the board layout is old school for the todays internet, and the delphi hosting system can at times feel fairly cumbersome to find a topic. Also as with any community that lays claim as the oldest of that particular genre they can be a little introvert at times, but thats really nothing and for a community board its pretty friendly compared to most.

The pro’s are fairly straight forward, its the oldest community on the internet for Stikfas, and if you have time and want to tackle the delphi search you can find an answer to almost all your Stikfas questions. There are board members on there that will answer any question you can’t find in the search about Stikfas and generally they are good people. Recently the Stikfanatics hosting has been changed to Kel7Alpha, and as all communities its going from strength to strength.

The second Stikfas community I discovered was the Katoots board, its really more of a forum inside a larger collectible toys board, buts it has 6-7 key members that make it a fun place. Now Katoots is mainly frequented by those in the same time zones with most of Asia/Australia, so if your in the USA or Europe expect some delays in replies.

The Katoots Stikfas board is a fairly lively place, its board interface is more what you would expect from todays PHP based boards and is fairly easy to navigate around in. A lot of Stikfas picture competitions, and pose threads go on, on this board. The members are friendly people, and sadly there isn’t enough of them, but they are always willing to help out a fellow Stikfan in need. Its a cool place to visit and enjoy Stikfas with.

Now these are the two main Stikfas communities that I’ve discovered on the internet, they are each different and special in there very own ways, and I encourage you to visit each one and partake of the Stikfun with them.

There are of course many other internet communities for Stikfas on the web, even Stikfans.com has its own Community board now (which I encourage you to visit and become a member of). These boards enable small gatherings of loyal fans brought together by a common interest in Stikfun. But, Katoots & Stikfanatics are the two main ones, each one if different and special in there very own ways, and as a Stikfan I say take a look around, and see what you can see.

If you know of any Stikfas Communities that are now on our URL list please email Stikfans101@stikfans.com

Arigato, Nick

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