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This is an update on the Dead post.

Sometime in the wee morning hours here on the USA east coast popped back onto the internet. For how long it will remain online we don’t know but we at Stikfans are very glad to report that is alive.

At this time we have no news of what caused the outage, however the Stikfa Twitter account is reporting a glitch.  Last night when I noticed the Stikfans auto link checker had reported as dead, we checked the registry information on the domain. The domain had been placed into renewal or deletion mode around April 6th. Our link checker found the dead site on April 10th. I noticed on April 12th when I viewed the report. Taking an educated guess with the information that we have available to us here, was offline for at least 4-6 days.

This of course poses this question, when a website of a popular designer toy goes offline and no one notices, does it make any noise?

Now is Stikfas HQ still really active? The website and domain are online although no news and no updates for the last two years makes it more of a living dead site. However, where there is life there is hope right?

Our Stikfans exclusive picture and summary can be viewed after the jump…

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Comments Dead April 12th 2010

This was going to be a late post about Zoloworld, with an apology about the lateness as I was side tracked getting my Novel out to the publishers for the last two months. Zoloworld was interesting, just not really the place to take Stikfas too and that about sums up the convention (although I do have a picture of Darth Vader being spanked by Jean). We are planning to get into Baltimore Comic Con, but this is all in the planning stages at the moment and it wont just be for Stikfas.

Instead I have this sad news to post.  On April 4th went dead. No not a server outage, the entire website has disappeared and a quick search on the DNS register shows is up for renewal or deletion. Given how cheap it is to maintain a Domain I am surprised to see this development and I think we can see this as a sign that Stikfas are dead in Ban YJ eyes and he is moving onto other things now.

I am thinking of making a play for the domain name just to keep it out of the hands of spammers and porn sites. I may though be too late already and it is most likely in the hands of a Domain Squatter, or with luck been renewed and kept by Ban YJ.

What does this mean for Stikfans? Well… We are still going to keep the Putting the Stik Back Tour with what we have, but for news and updates they will be further far and between. I have to concentrate more on my next Novel and other life commitments now. We will though keep an eye on the Stikfas hobby, and will exist as a resource for as long as I keep paying for it. Which will be for a very, very long time.

Keep an eye on the Hobbicide Board for Stikfas fun and if you are interested in what Ban YJ’s  next big thing might be follow rastAsia Stikfas Twitter here as he seems to be in loop more than anyone else.

Its been fun, very sorry to see such a cool innovative toy go by the wayside especially considering some of the dross on the market. I am certain it could of kept going with some very minor changes to it. Then Stikfas would of gone the way of Lego and be a generational toy. I always knew the Evangelion project would either catapult Stikfas or sink it. I hoped for the former, but it looks like we got the latter.

So, that’s that then… See you around.

Nick & Jean