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Stikfas at Target?

Target Logo

Over the last couple of months posts have been appearing on the Stikfas Community boards about Stikfas appearing in Target stores.

I’m still trying to independently verify this myself,  and so far no stores in my local area (MD) are packing the best darn toy ever made.

Target has a long history of holding small stocks of alternative toys under their Specialty Toy arm. If Stikfas are appearing in one of the big three box stores, it can be only a good thing for all Stikfans.

If Stikfas are appearing in your local Target store drop us an email with the location (and picture if possible) to our email at

We will then post it to the Stikfans blog and help you spread the word of this Stikfas reemergence.


Stikfas @ FZD School of Design

Stikfas visit the Singapore FZD School of Design, check out the full gallery of Stikfas pictures (including fully assembled Evangelion Stikfas) by clicking the link below.

Stikfas @ FZD Design School