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All Good Things…

StikfansAll good things do come to an end.

After almost a year of updates, and 290 posts it is time to shut the doors over here on We’ve worked hard this last year bringing you the Stikfan fresh stikfas stuff to amuse, inspire, and have fun with. started as a blog project to bring together all the various Stikfas stuff across the internet. Now sadly Jean & myself cannot continue, various life things, the server expense and other factors, like the constant hacker attacks, have got too much for us to cope with.

We do hope in our own little way we’ve helped bring more faces to the Stikfas hobby, and helped introduce all its facets to wider audience. We are very happy we gave you all a year of Stikfas-centric entertainment, and now its time for us to move on.

Thank you all for your time, we wish you all, and Stikfas all the success in the new year and the far future. The server for should be up until the new year, and after that the website will go offline. As this is the very last post here on Stikfans we would like to exit with this classic line – So long now, and thank you all for the fish 😉
Domo Arigato,
Nick & Jean


Stikfun Competition – The Caption This Challenge

Caption This Competition

Nick – Sorry, about the delay in posting this I’ve been distracted putting Ubuntu 8.10 on my ailing laptop in an attempt to save it, and then enjoyed one glorious night of exploring my first Linux enabled computer. Before my laptop finally gave up the ghost with a fatal Motherboard failure. Nice looking OS, shame it couldn’t resurrect my laptop… Now on with the post has a new Stikfun Competition over on its Stikfas Forum, its a Caption This Challenge where using a series of keywords, you attempt to capture a Stikfas image utilizing these words. It looks like a lot of fun and if you got five minutes go and check it out by clicking here.


Custom Hightlight – Thorn


This weeks Custom Highlight is a slight change a pace, as we look at Thorn by Stik Customizer GZ24, what I like about this custom is how simple it is, and the kit bash use of Stikfas part, to make a striking Stikfas Custom. To see pictures of Thorn, and to vote on the entry please click here.


Lost on the Net – Singapore Toy & Comic Con

Stikfas YodaI think we’ve found a really cool Lost on the Net for you this week. A little poking around on Google uncovered a little Stikfas gem. Back in June 2008 The Fortress of Testicular Fortitude blog covered the Singapore Toy & Comic Con, although it doesn’t say much its got some really cool Stikfas Custom Pictures like the Stikfas Yoda attached to this post. You can check out there coverage by clicking here.


News 12/08/2008 – Chat Change Banner has news.

The Nightly Chat has changed its location, it still takes place every night 8 -12pm and your free to drop in anytime you want too. The Nightly chat is still accessible from our link in our navigation, or you can just click here and reset your bookmarks.


Stikfas Review – Cuboyds First Wave & Pirates

Cuboyds First Wave

Continuing our series of Stikfas reviews by Stikfan Meadeslemicah, this week he takes a look at the First Wave of Cuboyds, so with no further to do I’ll hand over to Meades after the jump.

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Article – BanYJ talks about his Childhood

Stikfas SamuariOne of the fun things about surfing the net is you get to uncover something really cool Stikfas stuff. This article was uncovered by and was posted on Singapore Entrepreneurs in October 2007, the interviewer is talking to Stikfas Creator BanYJ and they cover some interesting topics including Ban’s childhood. To check out this article please click here.


Custom Highlight – Thadius the Soul Collector

Thadius - the Soul Collector

This weeks rather gruesome Custom Highlight is called Thadius the Soul Collector and is by Stikcustomizer Shiningmonk_E for Droidbuilders Stikfas custom contest over on Stikfanatics. To view more pictures of this custom, and to vote on it on please click here.


Lost on the Net – The Stikfas Interview

New StikThis Lost on the Net interview was uncovered using the giant search engine power of, and its a really cool interview with Stikfas GM BH by, that was given back in July 2003, to read it in full please click here.


Stikfun – Hebe Design Stikfas

Hebedesign Stikfas

Todays Stikfun was found on the internet using the search power of Its a collection of cool Flickr Stikfas images by a photographer called Hebedesign and you can check them out by clicking here.