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Lost on the Net – Stikfas Yoga

Stikfas YogaThis installment of the Lost on the Net was uncovered using As we all know Stikfas are amazingly versatile, and are in many ways have better articulation than you and me. They are perfect armatures for customs, for stop-motion animation and for illustration Yoga moves. Meet Teo the Yogi and see his yoga moves by clicking here for the New Yogis on the Block blog.


Madaboutwatches – Stikfas Visit

Banj 02

Sorry about the slow down in updates, the last couple of days its been all about Ikea furniture, my kids, and Halloween. Leaving me little time for any internet time, I do hope that this update makes up for it.

Every week we trawl the internet for all things Stikfas, images, customs, releases, stikfun images and articles and bring them to you. Today using the internet search giant I uncovered this neat little Stikfas Visit blog from Madaboutwatches. To read about his visit to Stikfas HQ please click here.


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