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Stikfun – Monkey River Town

Cuboyds Helping Hand

This piece of Stikfun is called ‘The Arrival of the Cuboyds’ and was taken by Monkey River Town. To check out more of this Stikfans pictures on his Flickr account please click here.


Stikfun – Wimax Gallery & Website

Wiimax Gallery

Here is a some Stikfun for you. The Philippines Stikfas Distributor Wimax has one kicking Stikfas community. If you are over in the Philippines check it out, heck if your a Stikfan anywhere check it out, its pretty cool. Click here to view the Wimax Stikfas Galleries.


Custom Highlight – DeadGearHead Collective

Dead Gear Head Collective

This weeks Custom Highlight feature we are doing something a little different, this week we at Stikfans are going to highlight the collective works of Stikfan Deadgearhead. He has recently posted a whole plethora of cutoms to

To view his collective work and to vote on any of his customs please click here.


Rumor Mill – 10/16/2008

New Releases Old Stikfas Kits

This is going to be a bit of an odd Rumor Mill, as its dealing with returning kits and most of the news is mostly North American based.
First off, as you can see by the graphic some kits that even I thought were gone forever are coming back. I have no news if these are reissues or if Saizon have uncovered another stash of Stikfas kits, my gut is telling me its another stash. Either way its a good time for new and old Stikfas fans. The list of the Stikfas kits that are coming back are after the jump.

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Lost on the Net – Stikfas Design Case Study

Stikfas Design StudyTodays very special Lost on the Net is brought to you by the immense search engine power of Google. With its help we uncovered this multi-page case study over on Design Singapore website. Check it out, it gives a very interesting case study into how Stikfas are created, and how the company is managed. Check it out by clicking here.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 10/13/2008

Page 8Welcome to our Stikfas Web Comic Update, were we take a little look at what is going on in the world of Stikfas related web comics.

This update we have news of a brand new web comic which we mentioned in passing last week, and promised to bring more news once we find out where it is updated. Well, we’ve received news that this Lovecraft inspired web comic now has a new home on the web. Click here to start reading now.

In other news Stuck is still updating, as Caesar gathers his followers to attack Wyrix, the cunning dragon has a plan. And with there first break in format the Idol comes to life. Find out what is going on with this marvel quality action comic by clicking here.

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Stikfun – Length on Flickr

ReachOne of the fun things about running a Stikfas related blog is I get to trawl the internet and dig up really cool Stikfun for you all to see. This time using the mighty search engine power of I bring you an interesting collections of flickr pictures.

Click here to view the Flickr account of Pete-T, and enjoy his Stikfun images. They are simply fun.


Stikfun – Megaman Challenge

MegamanThe is running a Stikfas Community Challenge. Its a Team event, and the challenge is to build a Stikfas Megaman character. So far, I’ve seen some pretty cool creations, the one pictured left is by Stikfan Meadeslemicah.

To check out the full details of this community challenge and other Stikfas Megamen please click here.


Custom Hightlight – Batpod

I am BatmanThis weeks Custom Highlight first appeared in the Flickr Stikfas Pool and is customized by Stikfan Benjamincapay.

Believe it or not this entire Batpod, and Batman were scratch built out of two Mechanas, one blister pack, and lots of epoxy. Pretty damn neat, eh?

You can view more of Benjamincapys work at his Flickr account by clicking here. Check out a full picture of the Batpod after the jump.

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Stikfun – Stikfas Fight on Flickr

Stikfas Fight

A Stikfas fight has broken out on the Flickr account of Stikfan Joelt, this creative piece of Stikfun can be viewed by clicking here.

If you know of a Stikfas related website that is not listed on our growing URL list, please email us at


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