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Custom Highlight – Thumper & Rider

Thumper & Rider

This weeks Custom Highlight is the Thumper Walker & Pilot by long time Stik Customizer Hemish. The Thumper Walkers have been around in one shape or form ever since the Custom Dare thread on the now defunct Katoots forum. This is cool custom, and looks like something that belongs in the world of Sigmartyr.

To vote on the Thumper & Rider Custom on please click here.
To check out more pictures of the Thumper and its Pilot please click here.


Stikfun – A Stiky End?

Stiky Stikfas Sticky Situation

Today’s epic trawl across the internet for all things Stikfas is brought to you by the immense search engine power of Digging through the piles of Stikfas images we found we came across this Stikfas called Stiky in a very sticky situation. Check out more of the perils of Stiky at the account of Hukes by clicking here.

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Stikfun – Random Stikfas Pictures

Stikfas Colors

Stikfas communities are great place to have Stikfun with, and has a great ongoing topic going on in there Stikfas Forum. Its called Random Stikfas Pictures and you can check it out by clicking here.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – The End?

Stuck - The End?

Could this be true, could this finally be the end of Stuck? Check out the latest comic from this visually fantastic Stikfas Action Comic by clicking here.


Stikfas News – 10/23/2008

Stop Motion has posted news

This year the 2nd Annual Trick17 Stop Motion competition has Saizon as a sponsor, with catagories like Stikfas and Claymation to name but a few it promises to be an interesting event. To read more about this news entry please click here. Or go directly to the Trick17 Stop Motion website by clicking here.


Custom Highlight – Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime II Dark Suit

This weeks Custom Highlight is the Dark Suit from Metroid Prime created by Stik Customizer Mykell Brown. This custom integrates bitz from the Dragon, Horse and Alpha Male, along with a couple of fairly common household items.

To vote on this custom on please click here
To check out more pictures of this custom and others conversions by Mykell Brown please click here.


Stikfun – Caption This! 10/21/2008

Seamonkey Return

Welcome to our semi-regular Stikfans Stikfun Caption This! All you need to do is login (or register, see the login links at the top of the sidebar), and then add you comment in the comment section. This is a no prize competition, and just a bit of Stikfun and Kudos for the Stikfas Community at large 🙂 The image and customs were borrowed from back from the dead Stik Customizer SeamonkeyBoy

Now go and Caption This!

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Stikfun – Stikfas Jedi Challenge

Zi Beta SithWith the new Clone Wars animation out, the original saga of Star Wars is enjoying a minor revival. Over on they have put up a Stikfas Jedi Custom Challenge for all Stikfans to try there arm at. No prizes, but plenty of kudos. To check out the thread please click here.


Captain Britain featured in Stan Lee’s Fan Art

Art By Nick DavisThis is a pretty cool, and fairly unexpected. On a whim I decided to submit my Captain Britain custom created for the ASS to the Stan Lee Fan Art email, and they have published it on Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Official Myspace page.

To submit your Marvel Custom Stikfas to Stan Lee’s Fan Art use this email

Be sure to include your full name, lets see if we can over run him with Stikfas Marvel Customs. Check out Stan Lee’s Official Myspace by clicking here.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 10/19/2008

StuckSomething Big This Way Comes…
The Idol it moves! We first saw it in action in Stuck Episode 102, and now we see its full destructive might in Stuck Episode 103. Check out this shocking development in Stuck by clicking here.


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