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Custom Highlight – Ben10 4Arms

Ben10 4arms

I think this is the first time we have featured Jon Wilks Stikfas Custom work here on our weekly Custom Highlight reel. This time around I want to show you all his cool 4Arms custom, from the cartoon network show Ben10 (which actually isn’t that bad). This is a super fun custom, with a very tidy paint job to finish it off.

To vote on 4Arms on please click here to view more of Jon’s work including a Delta Boy custom of Ben10 please click here.


Stikfun – BumbleBee Attack!

Bumble Bee attacks Stikfas

This Stikfun just in! A BumbleBee was spotted attacking Stikfas, in this picture it is seen being bravely held off by two intrepid Omega Soldiers. This little piece of Stikfun was brought to you by the account of

If you have any Stikfun pictures or seen something cool and Stikfas related on world wide net and you want to share please email


Lost on the Net – Ban YJ Breaths Life

Google VideoThis weeks Lost on the Net is brought to you by the mega-search engine power of We unearthed this Stikfas Gem that appeared on the net sometime in 2005.

Its a Google Video featuring an interview with the Head Stikfas Honcho Ban YJ, its all about Stikfas and Ban’s hopes to breath life into cross platform articulation. To check out the video click the link below.

Ban YJ is breathing cross platform media life into articulation.


Fight-DiceTM Update

Fight-Dice Artwork

Fight-Dice logoFight-DiceTM – The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game has some news. As you know Fight-DiceTM is self-produced independent production. This means production, game development, publication and design are heavily dependent on the free time of the author.

Recently Fight-DiceTM has published a sketch book of artwork on there website, showcasing the new artwork, and direction that the game is now going in. The game is based on using any action figure in a duel style game, and the open ended nature of it makes a it a perfect fit for Stikfas Action Figures.
And now they have sent a prototype copy of the new version3.0 of the game to Stikfas HQ with a proposal to develop the game alongside our favorite action figures.

Fingers crossed that Fight-DiceTM is successful, and Stikfas HQ pick up the game and help them get to the next level. If you want to help, email Stikfas HQ at and ask about Fight-DiceTM.


Tribute 9/11

Stikfas Nine Eleven
Lest we forget, we are doomed to repeat history.
Be gentle with the Earth now.


Custom Highlight – The Lizard

The Lizard

This weeks Custom Highlight, is one of Spidermans legendary foes ‘The Lizard’ by Stikfan Meades Lemich. Believe it or not under all that awesome sculpting is a Stikfas. Meades made it as part of the ongoing Hobbicide Dare thread. To view more pictures of The Lizard and to vote on its entry on Paintstik click here.

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Stikfas News & Toybreak Review- 09/10/08

Stikfas Dragon has posted two news items.

Item One – Saizon has partnered with for a stop motion contest of animated proportions. To learn more about this and to watch the intro vid please click here.

Item Two – The Stikfas Green Dragon & Beta Female Warrior is now available in the Stikfas Online Store!!! Which means we will soon be seeing it here in the USA. Click here to learn more.

Unrelated to the news posting, but still news. has posted there latest Toy Review Episode #47, this episode features our favorite toy Stikfas. Check it out by clicking here.

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Lost on the Net – Digital Sinigang: Stikfas Toys

Digital SinigangWow, its been a slow week, eh? This weeks Lost on the Net is brought to you by the mega-search power of the biggest search engine on the world wide web, that’s right folks I’ve returned to google.

Using this mighty search engine I’ve uncovered this interesting blog that has posted a review of a Stikfas kit, in this case the old fan favorite the Spaceman, and its pretty comprehensive. Check out it out by clicking here.

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Iron Cow Productions – Sub Cultures Exhibit

Stikfas Iron CowThis weeks trawl across the internet was brought to you by the power of fifth place internet search engine Iron Cow Productions have a Sub-Culture exhibit, that is made up of designer toys and it features Stikfas. To check out the exhibit and to learn more about Iron Cow productions please click here.

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Custom Highlight – Stik Animals

Fett Animal01

First I want to say I am sorry that this weeks Custom Highlight is late, last night I was working on my book and was in the head of one of my characters. Before I knew it, time had flown by and it was too late to update this section on its usual hump day slot. Still better late than never, right?

This weeks Custom Highlight is from Stikfas Customizer Fett, over the last couple of weeks he has been producing some very interesting Stikfas Animals and I think its a cool example of what you can do with the bitz and pieces you have lying around from your Stikfas. You can vote on Fett’s animal creations by visiting his paintstik gallery by clicking here, and you can view more of his creations after the jump.

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