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Stikfas Ravage

Stikfas Ravage

Last week we at uncovered this interesting Stikfas article during one of our weekly internet trawls for all things Stikfas. The article itself can be found on and it gives a pretty good breakdown on how to customize your very own Stikfas Ravage in all his G1 goodness. To read this article in full, and to check out the step-by-step pictures please click here.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 09/29/2008

Stuck - Web ComicHello and welcome to our Stikfas Web Comic update. This is our changed web comic article format that concentrates on Stikfas related Web Comic releases over round ups.

Today we turn the spotlight on Stuck, this is a bare bones Stikfas action comic. With no real props and driven by an action narrative, with marvel quality action sequences. The Stikfas in this story fight a philosophical and physical combat in an odd limbo. I’ve been following this comic since its beginning and its now made it to its 100th issue!!! Well done chaps and I hope you’ve got 100 more in you.

Take a look at Stuck today, the action is heating up as Caesar is attempting to rally the denizens to attack Wyrxx, but Amy has other ideas. Check out Issue 100.


Larry meets Snake Eyes

SnakeEyes with Larry

Larry Stikfas of fame was at the Baltimore Comic Con over the weekend, taking a look at what was going on, and generally doing all the things that traveling stikfas do. As you can see from this picture he ran into Snake Eyes of GI Joe fame.

Sadly not long after this picture Larry Stikfas suffered another neck injury cutting short his photo tour of other characters that appeared at the BCC. He is currently in emergency stikfas surgery and we do expect a full recovery in time of a trip to Anime USA in VA before he starts his worldwide travels.


Stikfans News – 09/28/2008

RepairDue to a hosting service maintenance problem was offline between the hours of 6am – 2.45pm (USA-EST). We are happy to report that is now back online and functioning fine.


Larry Stikfas at Baltimore Comic Con

Larry StikfasLarry Stikfas of the website will wandering around Baltimore Comic Con this weekend in the company of Nerdgirl Jean. If any Stikfans are at the BCC and want to met Larry look out for Jean, and her accompanying camera crew. Larry will be traveling with her throughout the entire show, don’t be shy step up and ask to met the him.


Custom Highlight – The Big Daddy

The Big Daddy Stikfas Custom

This weeks Custom Highlight is the Big Daddy from BioShock, these silent, but powerful bosses are protectors of the Little Sisters. This Stikfas custom replica is Stikcustomizer Mad Rhetoric and is a good blend of scratch building and Stikfas bitz.

To vote on the Big Daddy entry please click here, to see more pictures of the Big Daddy, especially with its LED’s activated please click here.


Lost on the Net? – Zook+Stikfas+Toyfare

Zook Stikfas

Everytime I start my Lost on the Net Stikfas web trawl, this image is amongst the first to be pulled in by any search engine I use. As some of you know Zook was, I believe, instrumental in growing the Stikfas hobby in the USA, from him Stikfanatics was born and many of us, including myself, was inducted onto the first online stikfas stomping ground by the Zook’ster himself. At the moment he is taking a back seat, so this Lost in the Net is dedicated to one of the faces of Stikfas…. Just don’t ask if he is wearing anything under that apron.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 09/22/2008

Stikfas - 12 DaysWelcome to a Stikfas Web Comic Update. As we have limited number of comics to run down at the moment, we are changing the format of this column to updates when Stikfas Web Comics are released.

We kick off with news that the Stikfas Video Comic Nick 12 Days has now reached the 7th Day, and the plot advances with several same day updates. To view the 7th Day of this innovative Vid Comic, please click here.

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Competition – Toy Collector Stikfas Kustoms

Stikfas Kustoms @ Toy emailed us with news about there brand new competition called Stikfas Kustoms.

This is a special Stikfas only competition and is open to anyone to enter any type of Stikfas custom they can come up with. To learn more about this competition, how to enter, the general rules and to submit your pictures please click here.


The Deviant Art Stikfas of Rajuvi

Stikfas ZealotOn our weekly Stikfans trawl across the internet we uncovered the deviant art gallery of Rajuvi, and it contains some interesting Stikfas customs and kit bashes. To check out all of Rajuvi’s Deviant Art Stikfas please click here.

If anyone knows of, or has uncovered a Stikfas related website, image, comic or custom that is not featured in our growing URL list please email


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