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Stikfas News – 08/20/2008 has two news items.

Item One – Stikfas arrive at FRESH Manilla store, this is one store with a very colorful store front! Check out the picture, and full news entry by clicking here.

Item Two – As posted on Stikfans on August 5, has hit the news section with updates on the two new games Assassin & Stikfas Memory. Check out the full news entry by clicking here.


Chaser Magazine Stikfas Review

Chaser StikfasTodays trawl across the internet was brought to you by

Using this popular fifth placed search engine we uncovered this Stikfas Review article from Chaser Magazine. The article is a review of the old black Alpha Male and was posted in July 2003, its a great read, and a fine example of Stikfun. You can check out the article by clicking here.

Anyone else finding it ironic that one of the lowest placed search engines has uncovered two interesting pieces of Stikfun?


Stikfun – Guest Pictures?

Stikfas Night ScopeThis is a bit of an odd update. Today I decided to give the age old search engine a run for a quick trawl across the internet for all things Stikfas. What is considered a lowly placed search engine brought across a very interesting Stikfas image dump. Check out this image dump by clicking here.


Stikfun – Stikfas in a Bottle?

Stikfas in a Water Bottle

Here is an interesting twist on what you can do with your Stikfas, Stikfan Meadeslemicah has started to put his in bottles? To check out all the pictures please click here.


Lost on the Net – James Ferris Stikfas Customs

Stikfas Super Seven

This Lost on the Net is brought to you thanks to the searching power of This week I decided to use the fourth placed web search engine to have little look around for all things Stikfas, and we uncovered this little gem of a website called James Ferris Customs.

This little website is has some really innovative Stikfas customs on it, and I recommend it to any Stikfan to check it out. The Super Seven was scratch built completely out of bits of Stikfas Sprue, and the cardboard of the Stikfas box itself! You can check out this Lost on the Net Gem by clicking here.


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

StuckHello Everybody Peeps, and we are back on schedule for our weekly look at all things Stikfas web comic related. We did skip a week, but with only Stuck being updated we didn’t really have much to bring you in the way of news. Plus its hard to bring you a procrastination break when it only lasts two-three minutes tops. Now lets see what is new this week.

Nick – 12 Days – I got an email from the Elfspot the creator of Nick 12-Days that the latest issue of his slideshow comic will be going on in the next two days. In the meantime checkout the action so far by clicking here.

Stuck – We skipped an update last week, but to get us on track you checkout last weeks election toned action. Caesar thinks he has won, but democracy is a tricky animal as you will see by clicking here. We return to the current update to find Doc trying to explain the virtues of democracy to a very confused Caesar, for your object lesson click here.

Thats it for this week, if I get chance I do promise you another episode of Sigmartyr is a coming which will introduce a new character into the comics ranks. Until then, have a great week.


Stikfun – Hobbicide August. Secret. Santa

One of the fun things about taking part in the Stikfas community is all the events, ideas, general stikfun that goes on. has a very active Stikfas board, and is becoming one of the biggest, and most active Stikfas communities on the world wide net.

Hemish A.S.S

One of there coolest participation events is the Secret Santa Swap, where a pool of Stikfans get together and swap customs, with a little bit of a twist. No one knows who will be making there custom in the swap. Sounds, cool eh? This year I took part in the August. Secret. Santa. To find out what I sent out, and what I got in return after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »


Custom Highlight – Sultan Bot 3000

Sultan Bot 3000

This weeks custom highlight by El Disturbo, is the Sultan Bot 3000. Designed as a steampunk robot, with a turban added as a dare, this is one cool Stikfas custom. To check out this custom and vote on it at click here.

To view the more pictures of the Sultan Bot 3000, and other customs by El Disturbo click here.

Read the rest of this entry »


Competition – Olympic Stikfas

Olympic StikfasIts Competition Time here at!!!

In celebration of the Olympics, we have opened an Olympic Stikfas Album in our Stik Gallery for everyone to post there Olympic Themed Stikfas images. Thats right, you don’t have to be a member of the Stik Gallery to post an image and enter this cool Stikfas sporting event.

It can be a custom, a photorama, an oddly shaped logo as long as its Olympic themed and has a Stikfas, Cuboyd or Mbear in it!!! At the end of the Olympics in Beijing, special Stikfas prizes will be given out to what we judge as the top three Olympic images.

Now get creative, and have fun with your Stikfas!!!

You can view the Stikfas Olympic Album by Clicking Here.


Lost on the Net – Frontier Web Comic

Drifters Stikfas Web ComicGot a new candidate for the Lost on the Net feature here on Stikfans. The Frontier Stikfas Web Comics from Drifters Escape blog. I would say its had one of the shortest Web Comic releases, but that recently got beaten by Stikcomics. An interesting looking story, nice use of the basic Stikfas kit and now Lost on the Net – click here to read the comic.


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