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Truveo – Stikfas Videos

We uncovered this website on our weekly trawl across the internet, its a dedicated video search engine set up for Stikfas vids! You can can check out the Stikfas Truveo Video Channel here.

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Fansite – Horace’s Page of Customs

Stikfas Venom Spiderman

Our weekly trawl over the internet has uncovered this interesting fansite, we think its fairly old as its based in the AOL homepage system, but its contains some real cool customs including the first Solid Snake Stikfas custom I’ve seen! Check out Horace’s Page of Customs by clicking here.


Custom Highlight – Maya

Maya by Boyette

This weeks Stikfans Custom Highlight is by Ace Customizer Boyette, and is called Maya. The sleek clean anime inspired look, and keeping with simple stikfas theme makes this custom an instant classic, and very inspiring design style to emulate. To view this custom, and vote on it click here for its Paintstik entry.

To view the rest of Boyette’s Stikfas Customs and more pictures of Maya please click here.


RIP Katoots

RIP KatootsI have sad news Stikfans, the Katoots Hobby forum is in its final days before its shuffles off the electronic information super highway, for perhaps forever. The original Katoots website has been offline for almost three months now, its little back-up brother known as Katoots-reloaded is almost closed down as well, and has sadly been overrun with spambots and malware scripts.

For me Katoots was first the other Stikfas forum, and after a while became the place to really play with your Stikfas. It was the southern hemisphere gathering place for Stikfans, and its quirky fun nature reflected its inhabitants proudly known as Katootians…

Now what happened to all the Katootians, and the Zombie Bachelorette Katoots competition? They’ve moved house, and almost all of them and the lucky Zombie Bachelors can now be found at the Hobbicide Stikfas Forum. From time to time you will find me there too. RIP Katoots, so long and thanks for all the fish 🙁


Fight-Dice Update – New Artwork

Fight Dice Apprentice

Fight-DiceTM – Rapid Action Dice Combat game has updated its work in progress website with new artwork today, and it looks bloomin’ amazing! A great sign of what we hope is to come with this interesting AF duel game.


Lost on the Net – Stikfas Robot?

Stikfas Themed Robot

Lost on the Net is a new semi-regular feature here on, here we dig up the oddest Stikfas images that have no website home and place them on Stikfans. The weird, the wild and just plan silly will be posted when and if we can dig up the image.

Todays image was found using Google Image Search, the blurb text on the preview image says its a 3D CGI model inspired by the Stikfas body construction. If anyone knows the author or website origin, or has a Lost on the Net image to share please email


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Update

I am sorry that this weeks Web Comic Update is a little late, I’ve been busy with my kids all day and I find myself puppy sitting as well! Ahem, Welcome back to your once a week weekend procrastination stop, we check out what is new in the Stikfas Web Comic world for you to catch up on.

Sigmartyr – Ninja Commando Action continues, we catch a glimpse of G25 possible target and the Commando runs across a little trouble. Check out that action here.

Stuck – Ray begins construction of his One Idol to Preach too All, and gets into a discussion with Odin and the Angel over spiritual matters. Find out what is going on here.

Thats is for this week 🙂 If you know of a Stikfas Related Web Comic that is not mentioned here or shown in our growing URL list. Please email


Stikfas News – Sticker Tastic

Stikfas UK & has posted news.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all those left over stikers? UK Stikfan Conner came up with a cunning plan, check it out below.


To read this entire entry at Stikfas UK, and to check out more of Conners Stik Art, please click here.


Fansite – Wu Long Ti Action Figures

CeaserThis weeks Stikfas trawl across the internet has uncovered a small Stikfas gem. Its a Action Figure customizers website belongs to a Mr Wu Long Ti.

The Website is full of Action Figure customs, and some real nice Stikfas set pieces. That combine kitbashing, and figure sculpting. He has also a couple of interesting TM style boxed designs. You can check out the Action Figure section of this website here.

If you know of a Stikfas Related Website that isn’t listed in our growing URL listing, please email


Custom Hightlight – Ork Warlord


This weeks Custom Highlight is the Ork by Pucedoose & Shadowmaster, this stunning custom was the product of a ‘Crossover’ bash between two talented Stikfas Customizers. Shadowmaster supplied the initial bash, and Pucedoose finished it off with sculpting facial details and painting it. A fine addition to the Custom Highlight Catagory.

To see more of the Ork, checkout its Paintstik Listing Here and the Work in Progress Gallery here and here.

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