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Fansite – rastAsia Blog

Rast Asia Stikfas Time for our weekly trawl through the world wide internet for all things Stikfas, and this week we have uncovered rastAsia.blogspot. Its a great little blog that discusses Stikfas, and his journey in customizing, and animating them. It has a great little tutorial about animation and its neat little fansite, which you can check out by clicking here.


Custom Highlight – Thanos the Mad Titan

Thanos the Mad Titan

This weeks Custom Highlight is by Stikfans Metal Zi, its Thanos the Mad Titan, a juggernaut of cosmic destruction. Underneath all that fantastic sculpting is Stikfas, great work Zi and a worthy entrant into the Stikfas Custom Highlight ranks. You can check out more pictures of this Custom Highlight and vote for it on Paintstik by clicking here.


Fight-Dice Sketch Book

Fight-DiceTM Sketch BookFight-DiceTM The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game has just released an online Sketch Book of current Fight-DiceTM art. You can check it out by clicking here.

The Sketch book gives a neat little insight to some of the new game mechanics, especially the new card aspect of it, and the game artwork is really nice 🙂


Stikfas Master Assassin Released?

Stikfas Master posted news.

Stikfas HQ announces the release of the Master Assassin in there Online Store, you can check out the complete news entry here.

Domestic USA release dates puts the Stikfas Master Assassin arrival in the next two weeks. Our first new kit since the new year, and I want one now!!! You can pre-order your Master Assassin here.


Preview – Evangelion Stikfas

Evangelion Stikfas Artwork

Found on the great worldwide Internet, we are very happy to share these Stikfas Evangelion Images with you. Now if I could only uncover a release date 😉

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Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Welcome to the weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up, the one stop source for your weekend procrastination, and source for Stikfas Web Comic news. Its summertime a traditional slow down in any online web comic publishing cycle, as authors have family events, or other life stuff to attend. Now lets see what is going on this week.

The following Stikfas Web Comics are on haitus at the moment, due to the Authors dealing with life events, from moving, changing job, to just plain being very, very busy. Read the rest of this entry »


News – Stikfas at

My Nerd GirlStikfas have been spotted at the newly launched lifestyle website, you can find the article in the MNG news section just scroll halfway down the page.

Congratulations also to Stikfans Writer Jean, who is officially MNG East and one of the founder Nerdgirls of the website. You can find her profile here, see its cool to collect Stikfas 🙂


Caption This! – July 2008

Caption This!

This months Caption This! Image is brought to us from the Flickr Account of Gunnerz. If you have a Caption This! Image you want to share please email Now… Caption This!


Custom Highlight – JRock Girl

Goth Princess

This weeks Custom Hightlight is JRock Girl by Stik Customizer Benj Capay, and believe it or not its almost 100% stikfas with a little glue, and epoxy thrown in. To view more of this custom and to vote on it, check out its Entry Here. To see more of this custom check out Benj’s Customs here.


Lost on the Net – Whak-A-Stik!


This weeks Lost on the Net, was uncovered by Jean during our weekly Stikfas search and is called Whak-A-Stik!

This is an extremely silly way to procrastinate five minutes of your day away, you can play the game which was buried on the website by clicking here. By the way my score was 24/100 Stikfas.


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