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Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Its Friday evening and its time to see what is going on in the world of Stikfas related web comics. This is your chance for a little Friday/Saturday procrastination. Now, before I go on I have a sad announcement to make.

The Phim has sadly departed the realm of Stikfas web comics, no more will we be able to enjoy the surreal moments or learn why The Phim is not just for breakfast. Sorry to see The Phim, and we at Stikfans wish its creator Zeta well.
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Stikfans – What are Stikfas?

JeanStikfans is proud to announce a new writer on the team, met Jean, LNC Staff member and major Stikfas fan. Her first article can be found in our top navigation bar called What are Stikfas? – which is a well written Stikfas introduction article, and also features an exclusive interview with Stikfas Creator BanY J.

Jean will be adding articles to Stikfans and helping me with researching all the Stikfas stuff that we can find. Watch out for new articles, new features, new catagories and new ideas as we move to the next level. We hope you all come along and join us for the ride 🙂 is looking for article writers and contributors. If you have a Stikfas related idea, article or feature you want to contribute to please email


Meet Cammo


Say hello to Cammo, this 6′ 4″ high Stikfas is the Philippines Stikfas Distributor Wimax Security Guard and Official Greeter, he currently standing guard over the Wimax Stikfas Stikfun Stikfans Challange 2008 Entrants. Thank you for the picture Team Wimax, pretty darn cool 😀


Caption This! – 06/04/2008

Final Caption This

Since it appeared six months ago, Caption This! Has been a mainstay feature here at Sadly todays Caption This! will be the last time we publish this feature weekly. From now on Caption This! will be a monthly feature 🙂

This weeks final Caption This! is from the Flickr account of Monkey River Town. If you have a Caption This! image you want to share for next month, please email… Now Caption This!


Stikfas on the ToyCon2008 Ticket

ToyCon2008 Ticket

Philippines Stikfas Distributor Wimax has sent us a copy of the 2008 Toy, Hobbies and Collectables Convention Ticket that is being held on June 14 -15 – And as you can see Stikfas made the Ticket! Thank you Wimax for sending us little piece of Stikfas Memorabilia.


Stikfas Constructor?

Stikfas Constructor

This logo was unearthed during the weekly Stikfans Stikfas Trawl through the internet. I’ve heard bits and pieces about Stikfas Constructor, this is the first real evidence I’ve seen. Enjoy, it made me go cool 🙂


Stikfans News – 06/04/2008

RepairMinor website outage early this morning, which caused our News Blog, and Main Page to appear offline from approx 4am to 11am (USA – EST) on June 4. It appears our hosting service had a minor hiccup. I am happy to report we are back online again 🙂


Stikfas News 06/02/2008 has posted news

Wimax, Stikfas Philippines Distributor will be attending the 2008 Collectibles Unlimited Convention. Click here to read the full news entry.


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