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Stikfas UK News – 05/20/2008

Jetix Kooti-KootiThis news is from

UK magazine Jetix will have Kooti-Kooti on its cover this month, this cool wrestling stiks game is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. If you are in the UK pop along to your local newsagents and check it out. To read the full news entry click here.


Stikfun – Mobile01

Taiwan Mobile01

Taiwan Mobile01 website was found on one of Stikfans weekly internet trawls. Sadly all I see is ‘???’ as I don’t have the language pack, however the Stikfas pictures are really dynamic and its worth checking out. Click here to see more.


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

What do you think of the new time for the Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up? Yes, its moved away from Friday afternoon procastination, we have though moved it into a weekend highlight for you 🙂 An excuse to but your feet up and spend some quality time with your favorite Stikfas related web comics… Now, lets see what is cooking this week. Read the rest of this entry »


Fansite – Stiktoots

Created by Metal Zi, and the new home for Katoot’ons to post there Stikfas Customs. I would like to introduce to you Stiktoots – a new Stikfas Flickr Group for all Stikfans 🙂

Check it out by clicking this link –

This link has been added to our growing Stikfas related URL lists, if you know of a Stikfas related website please email


Get Creative

This is really something I should post on our own Forums. Wolfie of Stikfanatics Fame has posted it up on

Get Creative and list what combo-kit (like Ninja Duel or Assault Team) you would like to see Stikfas release next. To Get Creative click here.


Caption This! – 05/14/2008

Caption This!

This image is brought to you from one of the first official Stikfas Caption This contests held on I thought it would be cool to revive the old image, and see what you Stikfans can come with. Now, if you have an image you would like to see used for Caption This! Email, now Caption This!


Stikfas News – 05/09/2008 has posted news.

Ian from Nice Pte Ltd has sent them so real cool 3-D rendings of a Omega Male, go check them out here.


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Well, I am one week late and the usual friday afternoon time has moved to friday evening, but we are here! Welcome to your weekend one stop for Stikfas Web Comic procrastination, now lets see what is new this week 🙂
Read the rest of this entry »


Rumor Mill – 05/08/2008

EvangelionHello, and welcome to the second edition of Rumor Mill, this is the place were we speculate, and discuss rumors, and ideas involving our favorite toy, Stikfas. Remember all rumors have a grain of truth in them…

In our last edition we discussed the possibility of Evangelion appearing in Stikfas form in the near future. Since then we’ve posted a picture of an assembled test sprue, and it looks pretty sweet. Read the rest of this entry »


Starbuck MBears – We can make this happen!

Starbucks Stikfas MBear

Yes that is a Stikfas MBear sporting the Starbucks logo and we can make this happen! Go to, register and vote. Its the perfect placement of product and exposure for our favorite toy. Click here to vote now!


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