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Stikfas News – 04/29/2008 has posted news.

Singapore Stikfas retailer Tai Sing will be setting up a Stikfas display at the Takashimaya Toy department on April 30th. They encourage all Singapore Stikfas fans to check it out, to read the full news article click here.


Stikfun – Stikfoam Redux

Stikfoam Bot

We received an email from Stikfan Meadeslemicah, he has been busy with the foam cutter again and created the amazing Foam Bot and Bear. You can check out the rest of the pictures here. Thank you, and if any Stikfans have a project you want to share that is Stikfas related please email


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Whoo hoo!!! Its Friday! I thought this day would never get here, but it has and not its time our Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up. The one stop for Stikfas related friday afternoon procrastination, now lets have a look at what going on this week.

NEW Web Comic – Nick 12 Days, a new stikfas web comic that uses a video slide-show to tell its story. Its all about Nick (and here is a clue he normally wears red) and 12 very important days in his life. Check it out here.

Action Figure Comics, the fight continues in Perils of the Bold as our adventurers face down a wood troll that refuses to stay down! Check it out here.

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Stikfas News – 04/24/2008 posted news

Malaysia is getting two new Stikfas retailer outlets! Check out the story here.

Stikfans News – From approx 10pm last night to roughly 3pm today the Stikfans homepage was down. This was due to something breaking at the server host end. From what I’ve learned Stikfans was one of the many wordpress blogs that were down or updating slowly over the last 12 hours. Good to know it wasn’t me that broke Stikfans this time 🙂


Stikfun – Caption This!

Caption This

This weeks Caption This! image is from the Inflict Humor Website, click here to check it out. If you have an image you wish to contribute to Caption This! Please email… Now Caption This!


Larry Stikfas will be at Botcon08

Larry StikfasLarry Stikfas from the The Traveling Stik website will be at Botcon08 on April 24-27. He will be traveling with Rose the Autobot cheerleader, who is a huge transformers fan, and he will be in the company (depending on the day) of the Baroness, Wheeljack, Soundwave and the much rumored Blaster.

If you are attending Botcon08 be sure to seek the little fella out as he holds the Stikfas standard at this convention to all things transformable.  As a Prelude to his journey to Botcon08, Larry has posted some new pictures to his website, check them out here.


Stikfas News – 04/21/2008 has posted a double shot of news.

Australian Distributor Snhooki hits up Toy Fair Oz, you can check out the news entry here, and the pictures here.

Plus Toy & Hobby Retailer Magazine have published a short article on Stikfas, check out the article and news entry here.


Stikfans News – Family Illness Update

This is a Stikfans Family Illness Update Read the rest of this entry »


New Stikfas Web Comic – Nick – 12 Days

Nick - 12 Days I would like to introduce to you a recently discovered Stikfas Web Comic, its called Nick – 12 Days. Its done in a video still arrangement and looks pretty darn good. Check out Nick – 12 Days here.


Stikfun – Stikfas meets Akira

Akira Stikfas

Discovered this website during one of Stikfans Stikfas website trawls, its a Japanese Fansite full of Stikfas Akira customs. The website, which I think is called Playthings is full of links to various Akira customs including the clown gang. Check out this website here.


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